{ Η Μεγάλη του Μάρκου Σχολή }

ΕΝ ΧΟΡΔΑΙΣ & ΟΡΓΑΝΟΙΣ {Η Μεγάλη του Μάρκου Σχολή} is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 in Syros island, hometown of Markos Vamvakaris and it is housed in a two-storey renovated traditional building of 1830, owned by the local church, in the centre of Ermoupolis. The literal meaning of ΕΝΧΟΡΔΑΙΣ & ΟΡΓΑΝΟΙΣ is the Greek translation of “strings and pipe” as mentioned in the Bible Psalm 150 where the praise of God is set within the context of celebratory music and dancing.


{ A tribute to Markos Vamvakaris }

The second component of our organization’s name, {Η ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΤΟΥ ΜΑΡΚΟΥ ΣΧΟΛΗ} means “the Great School of Markos” and is a tribute to Markos Vamvakaris, the patriarch of rebetiko music, who was born in Syros, the Greek island where our organization is established. ΕΝ ΧΟΡΔΑΙΣ & ΟΡΓΑΝΟΙΣ {Η Μεγάλη του Μάρκου Σχολή} aims to highlight and preserve the cultural heritage of rebetiko music, in response to a wishful thought aired by the composer Stavros Xarhakos in the summer of 2016, during an event of the Syros Choral Association in his honour. The participation in this event of a children’s musical ensemble -“The Secret Bouzouki”- added to the Maestro’s initiative an additional incentive for the founding of the School. Stavros Xarhakos trusted folk and Byzantine music teachers who undertook to teach at the School, offering their experience and knowledge.


{ For everybody who loves greek folk & byzantine music }

The school address itself to everybody who loves greek folk, rebetiko, and byzantine (orthodox church) music, regardless of age, and seeks to promote musical talents and cultivate team and collective spirit. The students are being taught music by acclaimed musicians and teachers. The theoretical and practical teaching focuses on the basic instruments of the Greek folk orchestra and the teaching of byzantine music. Also through the preparatory school, children between 5 – 7 years of age explore the magical world of music for the first time and prepare themselves for their future learning process


{ Valuable contributions }


Thanks to the assistance and support of those who believed in this cultural “vision”, ΕΝ ΧΟΡΔΑΙΣ & ΟΡΓΑΝΟΙΣ{Η Μεγάλη του Μάρκου Σχολή} continues and expands its actions. Every contribution is valuable and necessary and there are many ways for you to do so and support our efforts.