The school address itself to everybody who loves greek folk, rebetiko, and byzantine (orthodox church) music, regardless of age, and seeks to promote musical talents and cultivate team and collective spirit. The students of our school are being taught music by acclaimed musicians and teachers. The theoretical and practical teaching focuses on the following instruments: 3-chord bouzouki, tzouras, baglama, guitar and double bass, accordion and piano. Also, we teach Byzantine Music ( i.e. Greek Orthodox music), and facilitate preparatory school for children between 5 – 7 years of age, in which the pupils explore the magical world of music for the first time and prepare themselves for the future learning process. At the same time there is a Department of Music Technology as well as a Department of Art.

ΕΝ ΧΟΡΔΑΙΣ & ΟΡΓΑΝΟΙΣ is not a typical music school. Its goal is to bring children to contact with the width and complexity of folk and rebetiko music. Its method varies from the typical conservatory system. The student comes first, in contact with the music instrument that he/she selects, and after the building of a strong experiential connection with it, he/she enters into studying the classical theoretical elements of music.

The kind of music that we study and teach, is Greek folk and rebetiko music, which is born with the creation of the typical folk orchestra of the so – called ‘Piraeus School’, and the famous greek composers such as Vamvakaris, Tsitsanis, Papaioannou, Chiotis, Zampetas etc, to the contemporary Chatzidakis, Theodorakis, Xarhakos etc. Our students gradually get accustomed to playing this kind of music and learn to treat it with respect and regard it as a living form of art that is constantly evolving. This kind of approach has started already to show its effectiveness.


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