ΕΝ ΧΟΡΔΑΙΣ & ΟΡΓΑΝΟΙΣ {Η μεγάλη του Μάρκου Σχολή} is housed since 2017 in a two storey, 145m2, traditional building, owned by the local church, in the center of Ermoupolis, (Chiou & Parou Str.). It was built at 1830, initially was used as a house and after that as a hotel.

It was completely renovated when ΕΝ ΧΟΡΔΑΙΣ & ΟΡΓΑΝΟΙΣ decided to move there. The first floor houses two classrooms and the school’s secretariat office. All the great Greek rembetiko and folk music artists (composers, singers and lyricists), are there, on elegant posters, which decorate the School’s walls. The second floor houses two more classrooms, the recording studio, the public library and utilities rooms.

Our School’s staff would be very happy to guide you to our facilities if you like to visit ΕΝ ΧΟΡΔΑΙΣ & ΟΡΓΑΝΟΙΣ. Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 12:00 to 20:00.


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For further information please contact as at the following contact details or use the form found on the “Contact Us” page.

Chiou & Parou, 84100, Syros

+30 22810 76516, +30 6932 327772