Music technology teacher


Vangelis Kefalos is a professional musician and Studio sound engineer for 25 years and he has been active in a variety of record productions and orchestrations.

He was born in 1976 in Athens and at a very young age he began his studies in music. He has taken piano lessons at the Skalkotas Conservatory and holds three degrees in advanced theory (Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue – Orchestration). In 1996 he was admitted to the Ionian University in the Department of Music Studies. Along with classical studies in music, he attended Jazz Piano with Marco Alexiou and Jazz Harmony with Konstantinos Baltazanis as well as seminars both in Greece and abroad on Digital Audio Engineering while he holds Certification LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2 of the modern Ethernet audio protocol. DANTE from the Australian Audinate Company.

In 1996, he began his active career in the field of sound recording, first with Minos Mamagakis as a midi programmer and then as an assistant sound engineer in several television productions and commercials for major Greek Television channels. He was General Manager and sound manager of Prova Music Studios and later owner – sound manager of Stage Music Studios, having collaborated with the biggest names in Greek discography such as: Dimitra Galani, Phoebus Delivoria, Sakis Rouvas, Elena Paparizou, Costas Makedonas, Tania Tsanaklidou etc. As a session musician, he has participated in several concerts and record productions.

He is a Professor of Music Technology at various Private Schools, Conservatories and Schools and at the same time works as Manager of the Digital Department of Bon Studio and brand Manager of major construction sound companies such as: Focusrite, Genelec, Apogee, Fostex, JBL (Studio Monitor Speakers). He is active free Lancer studio sound engineer in productions of Artists of the art and electro pop – rock music scene. His book entitled “Applied Digital Sound Technology” is being published by ION Publishing House, while it is already a suggested material on the web portal of “Evdoxos” of the Books of University Education in Greece.


With my love for education, I work with the Great School of Markos. Not out of livelihood, but out of an inner need based on a basic belief that knowledge is transmitted and they are not advertised . With prudence, responsibility and vision I am among great people like the “Horde & Organ” team to offer to anyone who wants to learn the secrets and art of Music Technology. I wish this school to be a center of technology and culture in the wider area of the Cyclades.